Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our shed redo and flea market finds!

First off our shed had turned UGLY grey and was a eye-sore!  We (I) have been wanting to paint it for 4 years and it is finally done!  Here are some pictures of the process.

Before.....pressure washing
AFTER!:)  This project took us all last week....painting and landscaping:)  Kenny made the window boxes and the shutters.  And the windows were still blah so I made them match our house windows with alittle white electrical tape!!:)  Genius!  Except trying to get the tape lined up perfectly was a pain!

Here is Kennys pride and it me or Carter???  NO!  His gardens!  They are turning out really good and we had our first HUGE bowls of salad from it!  YUMMY!

Here is our first harvest of lettuce!!!
My little helper on his tractor!

The next project the idea came from the website you havent visited this website you are missing out!!  I got the candle sticks from the flea market for .50 cents and the plates and bowl from Walmart for super cheep.  I love how it turned out and will be great for cheese and crackers!

Here is what I used......

And here is the finished project!

I really didnt take a lot of pictures at the flea market mainly because I forgot.....I was to caught up in it all!  We left at 7:15 and got there alittle after 8am.....apparently to late bc our first stop that we always make when we get there some lady was buying TONS of stuff!  And of course I wanted what she was buying....note to self...go earlier next time!  Here are a couple of pictures and our truck on the way home....NOTE: One load had already went home with Kenny and my Dad! 

I just really like this table....I didnt buy it but it would have made a awesome dining room table!
Here is a dresser that I bought for $20.  I just started redoing it today...its going to be a lot of work. A bigger project then what I had thought it was going to be.  It has a nice stink of mouse pee and mold and the drawers are falling apart inside.  I think its bc the amount of mice that have peed in it in the past 50 years!  Stay tuned for after pictures!

Mouse nest....SUPER stinky!

This is another thing I bought but it didnt need any work!  Love the color!!

Until August flea market!!


  1. You're so creative! Have you considered starting a small biz & selling some of the furniture you refurbish?

  2. Morgan I would LOVE someday to have a hair salon/boutique with stuff like that! Maybe someday:)!